Birmingham Roast is a neighborhood coffee shop founded in 2017 in the heart of Michigan's most prominent city, Birmingham Michigan.


Located in the Balmoral building on the corner of Peabody and Brown Street, BR offers a welcoming environment with a third wave coffee experience.


Our collaboration with Kuppa Joy Roasters has allowed us to offer the best quality beans with a taste profile that is catered to coffee connoisseurs.  Kuppa Joy is roasted in the heart of the Yosemite Valley, bringing a west coast vibe to our signature roast giving it a flavor unlike any other in the area.  


In addition to the coffee, our high profile decor offers a contemporary setting with a black and copper theme. Collaborating with Detroit's famous dPOP! We were able to create a space that compliments the city we call home.  


Birmingham Roast offers cafe style seating, an open meeting lounge, and a seasonal outdoor patio for our customers to enjoy.

Not only is the coffee exceptional, the decor exquisite, the food delectable, but overall Birmingham Roast, in the heart of Birmingham Michigan, is an experience in and of itself. Come try it for yourself!